Our expertise works to the high standards of UKAS across a range of pathology discipline.


MOBILE LAB - 'We take the Lab to You''

    • Mobile Phlebotomy Services : Getting laboratory tests done assures you of your health. It can be stressful and burdensome if you have to wait for weeks for laboratory tests and results. Our team of highly trained phlebotomist are able to visit individual groups at homes, offices or workplaces to draw blood samples at affordable rates. Your health is important to us. We give you peace of mind wherever and whenever.
    • Mohs’ Micrographic Surgery : The specialised surgery has been rated as providing the highest cure rate of skin cancer even when other methods of treatment has failed. We offer our expertise in dermatology clinics to run the lab in conjunction with the Mohs’ Surgeon. 
    • Fertility Testing
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We also can provide group testing for companies, schools, sixth forms/colleges and universities.
Please contact for more information

+44 (0) 1603 9288 68

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