Phlebotomy Training


A 2 day intensive theoretical and simulated practical classroom course provides the basic phlebotomy training for beginners and refreshers.

The course curriculum fulfils the mandatory competencies outlined in CHS132 National Occupational Standard for Phlebotomy.

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Understand the role of Phlebotomy in healthcare service

  • Knowledge of a vein and their structure
  • Identify the veins associated with blood collection
  • Understand the characteristics of an appropriate vein for blood collection
  • Identify patient status that may affect the taking of a sample
  • Identify potential errors to the procedure
  • Demonstrate knowledge of equipment used for the procedure
  • Hand-on experience on vein puncture Mannequin .
  • Live blood from consented team member.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of safer sharps
  • Understand current legislation
  • Dealing with sharps injuries
  • Demonstrate the correct technique for hand hygiene
  • Understanding of universal precautions associated with vein puncture
  • Laboratory factors associated with blood testing
  • Identify different types of bottles and preservatives
  • Demonstrate correct order of draw
  • Demonstrate the importance of requirements of sample labelling
  • Job opportunities-Once training is completed our trainers help with your CV for job opportunities in NHS hospitals and GP services

DATE – Phlebotomy training runs on two consecutive days;

Tuesday and Wednesday 9:30am-15:00pm


Our courses are accredited by Association of Healthcare Trainers (AoHT). We are authorized by the reputable body to provide nationally recognized training.

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